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The keepers of history: Muskegon Heritage Museum brings city’s vibrant past to life

Did you know many of the nation’s bowling pins were once made in Muskegon? As were the first Raggedy Ann dolls? From boats and beer to engines, pianos, and paper, the vast array of products made right here in this city have made their way across the globe for more than a century. Now, the Muskegon Heritage Museum is telling the stories behind these goods, weaving a powerful narrative about the people and places who created the city’s rich history.


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Earlier flights and more connections at Muskegon County Airport

MUSKEGON, MI (WHTC-AM/FM) – The Muskegon County Airport is now offering earlier morning flight schedules.

In order to allow the business community better opportunities to make connecting flights earlier in the day, the weekday morning flight schedule has been modified from an 11:35 a.m. departure to a 10:05 a.m. departure.


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How ‘Agents of Change’ 2017 contributed to ‘quickly evolving’ Muskegon

We Remember Samariz Hernandez Cruz: a Legacy of Advocacy, Strength, and Leadership

“That fact that she came to work on Grandville isn’t a coincidence. This area had a lot to do with how we were raised and she wanted to give back.” -Francisco Velazquez, brother of Samariz Hernandez Cruz.



On Grandville Avenue, the name Samariz Hernandez Cruz, is synonymous with laughter, light, and advocacy. She called herself “tough love,” but there was nothing “tough” about it. She loved her community enthusiastically, unconditionally, and willingly.


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October 2017 Market Report

October 2017 Market Report

A changing downtown: How Kitchen 242 is transforming Muskegon’s culinary landscape

Hair tucked into the net ubiquitous among food workers, she quickly makes her way through a sea of stainless steel kitchen equipment and surveys Friday’s scene at Kitchen 242, the incubator and educational kitchen located at the Muskegon Farmers Market: a flurry of similarly hair-netted workers are gliding around bins overflowing with everything from pineapples and oranges to beets and apples, creating gallons of Bodhi Tree Juice Co’s brightly colored drinks that will soon be en route to farmers markets throughout West Michigan.


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Muskegon’s Phoenix: The Life and Flight of Midtown’s Third Street

“Perhaps like Muskegon itself, Third Street has never been easy to define.

Its denizens, past and present, are proudly diverse: business owners originally from Vietnam and India, restaurateurs from Houston and New Orleans, artists who grew up in Muskegon.”


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Growing Cruise Ship Port Muskegon is One of Passengers’ Favorite Stops

MUSKEGON, MI – Muskegon looks a lot different than it did in the 1970’s, when Pearl Seas Cruises CEO Charles Robertson first saw it. Robertson founded his first cruise company in 1971, when he was 22 years old, he said during a Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Business for Breakfast event on Friday,  Oct. 27. He’s now CEO and chairman of Pearl Seas Cruises and American Cruise Lines.


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As Tech Talent Moves West in High-Tech Brain Drain, One Michigan City Works to Keep Its Best and Brightest Close to Home

Publisher Horace Greeley’s old advice – “Go West” – is being taken to heart by many of America’s Best and brightest, causing a brain drain that is devastating the country’s older, industrial cities, Bloomberg reports.


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The Smartest Americans Are Heading West

Three Colorado Cities are in the Brain Concentration Index’s top 10.


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